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For children age 3 and above, our unique approach emphasizes values like logic, creativity, teamwork, focus, and perseverance. Start your child's journey today with a free trial lesson!

Ambreen Lakhani
My son has been learning with Sebastian for 4 years. He loves it.
Jane Shuai
Antonin Frank
My 2 sons are working with Sebastian already for fourth year and made a lot of progress in chess. Not only that. Sebastian has become their good friend and a part of our family and it is gardly to imagine Saturday morning without the chess routines. Dear Sebastian, thank you very much for your hard wook, excellent preparation of the sessions, detailed feedbacks and for keeping up with improvement plans. You are making us very happy, relaxed having fun with chess.
Cecile Trevoux
Really nice place for the kids to learn chess. The teachers are very engaging and know how to transmit their passion of chess. My 7 and 9 yo kids love it and keep asking to attend the camps and lessons.
Anne-Sophie Lecointre
Happy Pawn Chess Club are amazing: very professional and funny way to learn! The lessons are very engaging with games and gifts, and very friendly and attentive teachers. Kids AND parents are happy!
Sebastien de Peretti
This is a great place to learn chess! Using a unique curriculum to mix learning and fun so that the chess lesson becomes the highlight of the week. Progress is visible within just a few sessions, and motivation is still very high after several months.
Methinee Chaijirakul
เป็นกิจกรรมที่สนุกมากค่ะ เด็กๆและผู้ใหญ่สามารถใช้เวลาร่วมกันได้ เด็กได้เจอเพื่อนที่ชอบหมากรุกเหมือนกัน ได้รู้จักแพ้ชนะ 👍
Gloria Nindaba (Oriah)
Happy pawn chess club is amazing. My son finds the lessons so engaging and enjoyable. He has made impressive progress in such short time. The instructors are so friendly and know how to get the children involved in their learning experience. I really appreciate their services. Keep up the good work!!!
Danny Raviv
Absolutely fantastic! Personal care and professional approach like no one else in town!


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Character building

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Our tested curriculum offers 250+ challenges, guiding students on a step-by-step chess journey with an armor system similar to judo belts. Parents receive detailed feedback after each lesson on their child's progress 📈