Happy Pawn 21st tournament at Alliance Française Bangkok


21st Tournament Results & Pictures

At Alliance Française Bangkok

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Highlights from the 21st Happy Pawn Chess Tournament

Big cheers to all the young talents at our chess tournament! Your remarkable skills and vibrant energy made the day extraordinary. It was thrilling to see you all engaged and enjoying the game. 🌟

Don’t miss out on our next chess event. We’re eager to see you bring your best game again for more challenges and joy! Mark your calendars and stay tuned! ✨

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First Place
1st Place
🏆 Sayhan Kabir
Second Place
2nd Place
🏆 Rujiravanich Pacific (Sea)
Third Place
3rd Place
🏆 Dushime M’Aloh

Note: The winner of the tie break for the 2nd place
(5min + 3sec/move) was Sea


Gold Medal
🏅 Chaijirakul Chin (Xin Xin)
Silver Medal
🏅 Mikael Ali Akepanit (Mika)
Bronze Medal
🏅 Wai Yan Lu Lu


First Place
1st Place
🏆 Trairat Trairattanawaraporn (Kin)
Second Place
2nd Place
🏆 Jitwichian Nichanart (Proud)
Third Place
3rd Place
🏆 Chaijirakul Charn (Jia Jia)

Note: The winner of the tie break for the 2nd place
(5min + 3sec/move) was Proud


Gold Medal
🏅 Qiu Shuo (ShuoShuo)
Silver Medal
🏅 Chuepaiwest Naprin (Prin)
Bronze Medal
🏅 Wangthamkua Gwyn (Gwyn)
Chess Event

Games From the Tournament!

Click here to watch recorded moves from this tournaments! see the action unfold, learn some tricks, and enjoy the game.
Perfect for everyone, from beginners to grandmasters.

Watch Recorded Games

U14 Tournament Crosstable
Round 7 before tie-break

Tournament Crosstable View Full Results

U10 Tournament Crosstable
after Round 7 before tie-break

Tournament Crosstable View Full Results

Best Tournament Performances from
The Past 3 Tournaments

Rank Participant ELO Increase
1 Potter +186
2 Hiro +136
3 Dee +99
4 Jia Jia +83
5 M’Aloh’ +63
6 Itamar +57
7 Lulu +57
8 Mika +56
9 Sea +54
10 Daichi +53
11 Viraj +51
12 Jacky +51
13 Veer B +46
14 Proud +43
15 Lucas P +39
16 Kabir +37
17 Justin +32
18 Mendy +30
19 Eshan +30
20 Kavin +24
21 Annnant +22
22 Kin +21
23 Arsene +20
24 Prin +19
25 Dandy +16
26 Keynes +16
27 Theo +12
28 Victor +8
29 Xin Xin +7
30 Charlotte +3
31 Gwyn +2

♟️ The Elo rating system
used by Happy Pawn is modeled after the official Elo ranking algorithm and is uniquely applied to over-the-board tournaments hosted by Happy Pawn

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about our calculation methodology and the data we utilize, please feel free to reach out to us.

Special Thanks

Our heartfelt thanks to Alliance Française de Bangkok for providing the perfect space for our event.

Organizing Team

A special shout-out to our amazing team who worked tirelessly to make this event a success:

  • Sébastien Ferrand

    Sébastien Ferrand

  • Apin


  • Prae


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