Little Geek Academy – Coding made fun

Brings coding to all ages or levels – in a fun way

Our services

Online and home lessons (1 to 4 students)

Our curriculum

Level 1 (3 to 6 years old):
Coding Critters

Learn coding with fun little toys and stories! Help to program our little pet friends to complete their tasks, step-by-step.

Level 2 (6 to 12 years old):

The first step in coding on a computer, Scratch colorful coding block-dragging experience will walk kids through the basics of coding while creating fun video games

Level 3 (10+ years old):

It’s now time to write the code and use learned coding basics in a professional language – all the while doing fun projects

Level 4 (16+ years old):

The ultimate stage of the coding journey: use powerful oriented object programming to code your favorite app, and run it on ANY device!

Our point reward system

Students get points to reward their work (during lessons and homework)
with which they’ll enter a leaderboard, and be able to claim coding rewards.

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