Happy Pawn 4th Chess Tournament: FIDE edition

Nobody ever won a game by resigning

Sarvielly Tartakower

Results: https://chess-results.com/tnr538378.aspx?lan=1&art=1&rd=9
Awards: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14a82Vxxv1ClABR1bvOhk0oBUn3PRkWdm0ZX0w9NBw9U/view?usp=sharing

The battle raged on for the Happy Pawn 4th Chess Tournament.

25 participants – 2 FIDE Master – 1 Arena Grand Master – but lots of winners.

With no less than the perfect score, Causo Deniel gets the first spot (9/9), followed by a surprising not so surprising performance by Asavasaetakul Chawit(6.5/9), and to complete the podium Wiwatanadate Poompong (6.5/9).

In U12, Zhang Haixin scored a beautiful 6/9, followed very closely by Happy Pawn rising star Michal Judiak (5.5/9), himself followed by Volkov Petr An (5/9).

In U10, Volkov Grigoriy Ant prevailed (5/9), followed by Chirakranont Rawit (4/9) and Chirakranont Warit (4/9).

In U8, Superstar Kenzo Gueuvens won (4.5/9), followed by 5 years old Rafa Adnin (3.5/9), and Singjirakul Sahakrit (3.5/9), the 3 of them showing outstanding progress in the past few months.

Special mention to Savva (4/9) and Kliment Antonin (4/9), Sameer Daga (3.5/9), and Limpakanon Jitirath (2/9) who held their ground in this difficult tournament.

One last thank to Henry Calacday who prepared entirely this great tournament.

Looking forward for the next meetup !

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