Happy Pawn Chess Camp Starter Edition

Happy Pawn chess club happy to announce our very first chess camp

Happy Pawn Chess Camp
Starter Editions for kids!

Have fun learning chess from scratch

Date : from 20 – 22 August
Time : 14:00 – 16:00
By Teacher Palm and Teacher Rajesh

Day 1
  • Basic knowledge about chess board and pieces
  • How the Pawns Move, Capture and promote
  • En Passant rule
    Activities : Lichess coordinated teaching, The Pawn Game
Day 2
  • How the King, Rook, Bishop and Queen Move and Capture
  • Castling
  • How to End the Game: Checkmate, Stalemate
    Activities : Lichess Arena Tournament (without knights)
Day 3
  • How the Knight Moves and Captures
  • Value of the pieces
    Activities : Lichess Arena Tournament 


TypePrice per dayPrice per 3 days
Non-member ฿900 / day฿2300 / 3 days
Happy Pawn member4 credits / day10 credits / 3 days

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